Monday, November 20, 2017

What is FinalForms?

FinalForms is an online form management system. It allows parents, students, and staff to complete required and optional forms online (items like: Emergency Medical Forms, Acceptable Use Policies, Handbook Signoffs and other paper copies). FinalForms will replace paper copies that were typically sent home at the beginning of a school year and in many instances will make entering data easier for everyone.

More information regarding FinalForms can be located at the following links:

FinalForms FAQs

FinalForms Step-By-Step Instructions

What is the difference between the website and all the social media links?

Our website is primarily designed to house forms, information and the necessary links for normal day to day business operations. Social media is designed to keep you informed of current events involving our school and students. If you need a form, link or general information - visit the website. If you want to see what is happening in and around the classroom - visit social media!

Social media links are located in the Parent/Student menu and at the bottom of each web page.

What is PowerSchool?

PowerSchool is our online grading system. As a parent/guardian you can view your child's grades, setup email notifications, check out the lunch balance and even email your child's teacher. If you have more than 1 child, you can link multiple children to your parent account. In order to link children to your account you will need an Access ID and Access Password (these are different than the usernames and logins we provide each child to access his/her account).

How do I get the necessary Access IDs and Access Passwords to add my child to my PowerSchool Account?

Contact techdept@phpatriots.org and supply your name and the names and grades of each child. The tech department will then verify that you are the parent/guardian on record and will send you the necessary information for linking your children to your parent account.

What is PayForIt

PayForIt (now known as PaySchools) is an online way for you to pay for your child's fees and view or add money to your child's lunch account. You are NOT required to pay fees or add lunch money using this service and you can just create an account to view the information (account creation still requires a credit card, but you never have to charge anything to it if you do NOT want to). In order to link children ro your account, you will need the Student ID.

How can I get the Student ID to add my child to my PayForIt Account?

The cafeteria supervisor and tech department are setup to handle these requests. You can also get the necessary information from your school office, guidance department, and your child's teacher.

What is an iCal and why would someone want to use them?

iCal is the standard internet format for exchanging calendar information. With an iCal, you can share or subscribe to the calendars of others. Many common calendar applications work with iCal including Google and Apple. Microsoft Outlook can also work with iCal but to a limited extent. iCal files are usually .ics, .ical, .ifb, and .icalendar. Below are the iCals for each of our popular district calendars that you can subscribe to within your own personal digital calendar. Many times, you can add these calendars by "importing" or "subscribing" and providing the text link for the calendar. For instructions on subscribing to an iCal, you will need to consult your own device or software documentation.

By subscribing to any of our district iCals, you can stay up-to-date with scheduling information as we have it. You can also setup notifications for events you are interested in from within your calendar application. Please bear with us while we continue to make adjustments to how we can inform and post information simultaneously. We are somewhat new to iCals and are still putting our systems in place to make sure they are updated regularly. We expect hiccups throughout the process.