FinalForms Registration for 2018-2019 is Open

Deadline to Register: May 18, 2018


FinalForms can be accessed under the parent menu on our website: Parents > FinalForms

Once Logged In - Click on the 'Register for 2018-2019' button (like the image below)

FinalForms 2018 - 2019 Registration Button Image

Major changes to FinalForms this year include:

Transportation Form

In order to receive transportation for 2018-2019, the online form needs to be filled out

Check the box for "Transportation Needed" and change the pick-up or drop-off location if necessary

Changes over the summer can be updated by logging back in and adjusting the information

Medical Forms Parents can approve nurses/offices to administer over-the-counter medication(s) for sporadic use


When you log in, if you don't see the children associated with your accounts, feel free to email the techdept: