Patrick Henry Community Foundation

The Patrick Henry Community Foundation is a non-profit organization which strives to encourage public support of Patrick Henry Schools and their communities. Various fundraisers throughout the year allow the Foundation to offer scholarships to graduating seniors and grants for teachers. Since the PH Community Foundation has been organized, we have given out more than $25,000 in scholarships to Patrick Henry graduates. The members of the Foundation would like to express their appreciation for your support during the past year.

Current members:

Brad Van De Bussche-President

Becky Tietje-Vice President

Joan Kline-Secretary/Treasurer

Heather Meyer

Sue Hammer

Ann Michaelis

Mark Seedorf

Christine Bostelman

Toni Lanzer



2016 Scholarship Winners

Pictured are the 2016 recipients of the PH Community Foundation scholarship. From the left- Kendyl Burkey-$1000, Kayla Parry-$500, Rex Tietje -$500, Alyson Prigge-$500, Alison Imbrock-$500. Erica Kline and Brad Pfister each received a $250 book grant.


2016 Patrick Henry Community Foundation Raffle

The Patrick Henry Community Foundation recently drew the names of its winners for the Foundation raffle. Kevin Seemann and  Shirley Schroeder, each won $50. Joan Kline and  Wanda Norden were the $100 winners. At the final drawing held Friday, February 19th, Lillian Eberle's name was drawn and she will receive $500. The Foundation would like to thank the PH Community for supporting the students and staff of Patrick Henry by purchasing tickets for our raffle, buying kettle corn and attending our potato bar/chili supper.